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Roman Families


Joseph Roman and Helena Mihalc'in Kolesar had three sons:  John, Michael, and George.  The 1904 marriage certificate for Joseph Roman's son George shows that Joseph Roman came from Dvorianky ("z Dvorianek").  This village (also known as Dvorjanki, Techna, Tehna, and Szecsudvar) is now located in eastern Slovakia.  Helena died on 3/24/1909 and is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Exeter, PA (see stone).  Joseph Roman had died sometime before the wedding of his son George in 1904. 

Josef Romann, age 50, and his wife Ella, age 40, arrived in New York on the SS Polaria on 1/3/1888 which sailed from Hamburg on 12/14/1887.  They traveled with their 3 sons: Janos, age 17; Mihal, age 9; Jurik, age 3; and their daughter, Ewa, 3 months old.  Also traveling with them was Janos Kolesar, age 17.  The Hamburg register showed them all coming from Zemplin, Magyar (Zemplin being the county in Hungary where Dvorianky is located).  The Roman family soon settled in Sturmerville, PA which became known as Exeter, PA.

John Roman was born about 1870 in Secovska Polianka (known as Szecsmezo and Szecspolyanka in Hungarian), Slovakia (which was part of Hungary at the time) and died in a mining accident on 7/27/1926 in Exeter, PA (see stone).
Michael Roman was born about 1878 in Dvorianky (known as Techna and Szecsudvar in Hungarian), Slovakia (which was part of Hungary at the time) and died on 8/6/1933 in Exeter, PA. 
George Roman was born about 1884 in Hungary and died on 3/26/1962 in Exeter, PA. 

John Roman and Mary Demchak were married in Nov. 1892.  They had six children:  Mary, John, Joseph, Michael, Anna, and William.  (John married Margaret Marko).  Descendants' surnames include Fedorko, Brozzoski, Pharis, Laibinis, and Battle

Michael Roman and Mary Kota (shown as Kartole in marriage records which often have misspelled surnames) were married on 7/25/1895 in Kingston, PA.  They had seven children:  Michael, Mary, Anna, Joseph, John, Ella, and George.  (Mary married John Marko.)  Descendants' surnames include Marko, Kolojeski, Fischer, Callahan, Kusnic, Lefchak, Pharis, Laibinis, Hando, and Martin.  Possible relatives of Mary Kota include Mary Hudock (married to Michael Hudock) of Wilkes-Barre, PA, and Anna Bobb Serbin (married to August Serbin) of Exeter, PA.  (Anna may have had a sister named Mary Bobb who married Frank Skrabut.)

George Roman and Anna Duna were married on 8/9/1904 in Pittston, PA.  They had five children:  Ella, Anna, Irene, Elsie, and George.  Descendants' surnames include Arway, Santa Sania, Doran, Choberka, and Benish

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