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Margaret Marko was born on 2/15/1901 in Kingston, PA.  She married John Roman on 2/14/1920 in Pittston, PA.  John Roman was born on 10/1/1898.  Margaret and John lived in Exeter and West Pittston, PA before the family relocated to Delaware.  They had six children including Lillian, John Jr., Thomas, and Emily.

Margaret Marko:
Margaret Marko in W. Pittston, PA
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John Roman Jr. was born on 6/27/1921.  John was a Marine who died on 7/21/1944 during World War II in the Pacific.  He is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Exeter, PA where his gravestone says Pennsylvania, PFC 19 Marines 3 Marine, World War II.  John died on the first day of the Battle of Guam when an explosive hit his landing craft.  He was part of the 3rd Marine Division which landed near Agana to the north of Orote on the island of Guam.  The casuality listing found on the Memorial Wall at Asan Bay Overlook shows John Roman Jr. under 19thMarRegt3dMD (the 19th Marine Engineers Regiment in the 3rd Marine Division).  The 3rd Marine Division's attack was concentrated on 2,000 yards of landing beach between Asan Point and Adelup Point.  On the first day of the battle (W day), the 3rd Division had 105 men killed, 536 wounded and 56 missing.  See Liberation: Marines in the Recapture of Guam.  A first hand account by General Lemuel C. Shepherd notes:  the operation was extremely difficult because there were five hundred yards of fringing reef off the coast. And by fringing reef I mean coral reef that was two to three feet deep which you couldn’t cross walking and the only thing you would be able to cross it with was amphibian tractors...I think we had one company of the entire Brigade, so we had to form a transfer line off the reef where there were some lighters anchored and the troops came from the transports onto the lighters and then as each- -each time the amphibian tractors would go ashore with one wave then they’d have to come back and pick up the next load and carry ‘em shore so it was quite an operation. All within s- -right under the guns of the Rota Peninsula where the Japanese were well fortified with heavy guns and of course the defenses they had off shore.  The Roman family had a portrait of John Roman Jr. painted by Robert Carlyle Barritt

Lillian Roman was born on 2/23/1923.  She died on 2/28/1994.  She married William H. Pharis who died on 1/30/1979.  Lillian Roman Pharis is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Exeter, PA.  They had two sons.   

The author of this web site would love to hear from descendants of Margaret Marko and John Roman and from others familiar with the events recounted on this page.  Margaret Marko is the author's grandaunt.  John Roman is the author's first cousin twice removed.  The author of this web site may be contacted by

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