Marko Family History



Q: The Marko family came from Cziganyos (or Ciganovce) in the Old Hungary part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Is it part of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, or Ukraine?
A: Answer, all of the above.  It just depends on the time period one looks at.  Prior to World War I, Ciganovce was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire or more specifically, old Hungary.  Between World War I and II, it was part of Czechoslovakia.  After World War II, it became part of westernmost Ukraine. 

Q: What does Cziganyos or Ciganovce mean?
A: It translates to Gypsy Town.  Apparently, Ciganovce was known as a town that included Gypsies. 
Ciganovce is a very small town with a road that runs through a valley with very steeply sloped sides.


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