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This site is devoted to the genealogy of the Marko families that emigrated to the USA from Cziganyos (also spelled as Cziganyocz and Ciganyocs) [Search for "Tsyhanivtsi, Ukraine" at] in Ung County, Hungary.  The town later became known as Ciganovce in Czechoslovakia and then still later as Cyhanivci, now located in western Ukraine just east of Uzhgorod (informational site: Old Ungvar) in the Transcarpathian region.  The brothers Andrew and Paul Marko emigrated with their wives between 1885 and 1893 to Luzerne County in northeastern Pennsylvania.  They may have made several trips back and forth between Europe and the U.S.  The Marko's were Carpatho-Rusyns (also known as Rusyns or Ruthenians).  Like most Rusyns, they were Greek Catholics.
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Andrew Marko married Anna Maczko about 1886.  Andrew was born about December 1866 in Cziganyos, Hungary and died on 3/11/1931 in West Pittston, PA.  (Andras Marko, a 26 year old traveling from Cziganocz, Hungary, arrived in New York on 6/4/1891 on the SS Rhynland which sailed from Antwerp.)  Anna was born about 1867 in Gereny (also known as Horjany and Horjani, now part of Uzhgorod), Hungary and died on 6/26/1931 in West Pittston, PA.  Andrew and Anna had five children:  John, Helen, Margaret, Stephanie, and Andrew.

John Marko was born on 4/20/1894 in Kingston, PA.  On 2/27/1921, he married Mary Roman who was born on 8/15/1899 in Exeter, PA.  They lived in West Pittston, PA.  John and Mary had seven children.  Descendants' surnames include Kolojeski, Fischer, Callahan, Kusnic, and Lefchak.

Helen Marko was born in 1897 in PA.  She married John M. Birosak.  They had no children.

Margaret Marko was born on 2/15/1901 in Kingston, PA.  She married John Roman on 2/14/1920 in Pittston, PA.  They lived in Exeter and West Pittston, PA before the family relocated to Delaware.  John and Margaret had six children.  Descendants' surnames include Pharis and Laibinis.

Stephanie Marko was born in 1902 in Kingston, PA.  She married Michael Hando.  They lived in Hudson, PA (in Luzerne County).  Michael and Stephanie had four children.  One of their children lived in Hatboro, PA. 

Andrew D. Marko was born in 1906 in PA.  He married Mary Lefchak.  They lived in Old Forge, PA and later moved to Ilion, NY.  Andrew and Mary had no children. 

Paul Marko married Veronica Boder.  Paul was born on 8/15/1870 in Cziganyos, Hungary and died on 7/26/1945 in PA.  Veronica was born about 1875 and died on 4/29/1929 in PA.  Paul and Veronica had four children: Verna, Andrew, Ethel, and Stephan.

Verna Marko was born in 1898 in Hungary.  She married Miklos Kuzio.  They lived in Europe in the Uzhgorod area.  (Uzhgorod was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before World War I, then was in Czechoslovakia, and after World War II became part of Ukraine.)  Miklos and Verna had two children:  Emil and Irene.

Andrew P. Marko was born in February 1909 in Larksville, PA.  He married Anna C. Straigis on 10/28/1928 in Kingston, PA.  Andrew and Anna had four children. 

Ethel Marko was born on 10/31/1910 in PA.  She married Steve Berdy on 9/19/1935 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  They lived in Edwardsville, PA.  Steve and Ethel had two children.   

Stephan Marko was born after 1910 in PA and died at age 9 months.

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